Fifty Shades Parody Poster

Aaron and his friends and family were sitting around one evening talking about Fifty Shades of Gray and apparently the conversation took a turn: “The idea was a conversation between friends and family about the book and what we were actually passionate about, which led into alternate titles based on our desires.”

OK, let’s stop right there for a second. You’ve probably had a conversation like this, where someone makes a mild joke like, “Fifty Shades of Gray? My book would be called ‘Fifty Shades of Grape‘ because man do I love jelly.” And everyone chuckles a little bit, which encourages someone else to join in with, “Oh, my book would be called ‘Fifty Shades of Goulet‘ because boy am I passionate about the original 1960 Broadway cast of Camelot.” And then someone who maybe doesn’t quite get it chimes in with, “I’d write a book called ‘Fifty Shades of Beer.’”

And then the conversation lags a bit, but it seemed like a direction that might have been kind of fun, and someone, half out of desperation to keep the good times rolling, says something like “We should put that on a poster!” And someone else says “Yeah – with funny puns for the name of the author!”

And that, children, is where Kickstarter projects come from. Douglas Adams had a bit in one of his books about a never-ending cocktail party that ballooned out of control because the eternal partiers took all those plans that sound like such good ideas at cocktail parties and actually did them. Adams had never dreamed of Kickstarter, where these half-drunk ideas might accidentally be funded with millions of dollars.

At any rate, Aaron’s project is based on the time-honored premise that if you take two unoriginal ideas and mash them into one thing, it’s creative. So, take, say, a tired geek meme like bacon and turn it into yet another “parody” of Fifty Shades of Gray (a trend that was over  about a week after the book came out) and you have an idea worth nine thousand dollars, right? What if you throw in the author name puns?

No, sorry.

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