Jimmy Gets Around

Hey, remember our pal Jimmy Fortenberry? he moved. He moved from either Alabama or Tennessee and now he lives in Alabama or Georgia. And he moved from Kickstarter to Indiegogo. After raising several thousand dollars selling “handmade” jellyfish pendants and paperweights that are imported for pennies a piece wholesale from China, Jimmy got shut down on Kickstarter after someone who actually does hand-make a similar item discovered Jimmy’s product descriptions were cribbed from their own website.

Sharp-eyed reader c949668 sent us the tip earlier today about Jimmy’s decision to move shop to the less stringent Indiegogo where he is once again calling his products “Real Jellyfish Art,” suggesting that they are actual preserved jellyfish. He made this claim at Kickstarter, too, until he had to back down when several people questioned him closely about how they were made.

Of course he doesn’t make them at all, but Kickstarter let his project run up into 5 figures before it was suspended, and even then it was an intellectual property dispute over the descriptions that stopped it, not the fact that he was openly lying about his supposed business. It would be nice to see Kickstarter take a stand on this kind of obvious reselling before it turns into another Etsy.