Magsee Revisited

A while back we took the creators of Magsee to task for their silly “invention” whereby they clipped a magnifying glass to an iPhone claiming the regular method of pinching and scrolling to magnify the screen was too much “work.”

It seems the Kickstarter community wasn’t convinced that the Magsee was addressing any real problem. The project asked for $20,000. It raised just under $600 and was canceled by the creators before reaching the deadline.

It’s not hard to see why it failed: It really is not a lot of work for most people to pinch and scroll, and for those who do have more severe vision or dexterity issues, the iPhone comes loaded with accessibility features like voice control and simplified gestures, all of which preserve the full functionality of the phone and the clearness of the high resolution screen.

But the Magsee folks are not giving up, according to the message they left when canceling the project. The problem as they see it is that their video wasn’t clear enough about how the Magsee is used. It’s difficult to imagine what features of this clunker were not adequately described, but if they want to take another run at convincing iPhone owners they need an accessibility product that makes it more difficult to use their phone, we’ll be here to let you know.