Anthony Sakal picked up his parents’ iPad about a year ago and began drawing animals engaged in amusing activities like playing cards. He doesn’t want you to get the wrong idea here – if it isn’t already evident from his work, he is not a professional doodler of animals.

“I’ve never drawn anything that anyone ever took seriously in my entire life.”

That said, and unlikely as it may sound, it turns out Anthony was a natural. “So there became the start of my new found skill- digital art.”

If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering about that iPad at this point. Wasn’t that Anthony’s parents’ iPad? Shouldn’t he really get permission if he is going to start using it all the time for his drawings? Relax. Anthony is 39 years old – he knows that you don’t just start using other people’s things without asking.

“I was told I could use the iPad for my drawings when my parents had no use for it.”

Satisfied? I’m betting those old people were hardly using that iPad anyway.

“Turns out that they had a lot less use for it than I did.”

See? Anyway, we’re missing the point. He has the skill, he has the tools – now what?

“This is where it gets good, please keep reading…” he tells us before rambling on a bit about doing oil paintings for veterinarian’s offices, “and Ebay!” but it is all just a tease. Because… there’s a twist.

“The twist… we’re also going to allow folks to email us an outline of their pet’s personality and in return we’ll generate a painting and/or lithograph of their own pet’s caricature art work, or a “Peticature”!”

Candidly speaking, for years now, whenever I ran across my family’s pet personality outlines I’d think to myself, “Why do we even have these?” But I digress – Anthony knows that this is a lot to take in so he provides us with an example:

“Let’s expand on this a bit… let us say that ‘Sammy’, the family golden retriever, wakes up every morning, darts out the back door and into the neighborhood lake, chasing after the local ducks… this is simply one of Sammy’s traits, for better or for worse.  What if we want a caricature, or Peticature of this?”

Get it? No? Still? Alright, read this next part slowly. (Also, I find it makes more sense if you imagine Dennis Hopper in Apocalypse Now asking the questions.)

“What if Sammy’s owners desire a peticature of Sammy running out the back door right after those birds and into that lake?  Where would we have such a caricature even done for ourselves if we wanted?  Well, when we want a fun caricature of our own child or even ourselves, we can either go to Disneyland and have it done or perhaps rely on some local talent?  But what about our own pet’s caricatures?  What about a ‘Peticature’ of Sammy?  Not quite as easy, is it?  It’s not like we can drag Sammy to Disneyland for that peticature and who’s to say Sammy even wants to go to Disneyland?”

Right? Now you understand. In the end, it was always about Sammy. Makes all that fretting over the iPad seem kind of petty, now, doesn’t it?