Purchase Tidy Bloods of Poem

A while back I took an aspiring Kickstarter poet to task for describing how dark and meaningful his poetry was but not providing an example of what he writes.

Well as they say, be careful what you ask for. Sean Kilpatrick is another aspiring poet in the angry-young-man/smear-your-face-with-your-own-fluids milieu who is not shy about sharing his work. He is somewhat reticent about asking for the “faux potential assistance” to publish it, if I am translating his precious project description correctly, but as he says, “The idea of funding for poetry is worse enough to try.” If you’re not familiar with Poetry, his description might not make sense at first. Here’s a tip: He’s wearing Warby Parker glasses and has an unruly beard. Also, he uses the word “faux.” Is it more clear now?

If you’re not still not quite sure what Sean’s talking about, you may want to watch his video. It won’t clarify anything, and it’s definitely not safe for work, but it’s probably all you need to know about Sean Kilpatrick, who maybe heard somewhere that Poetry is as easy as stringing together as many provocative sexual terms as you can think of while ignoring any tradition of grammar or syntax. It’s Bukowski meets Bukkake with a Bic lighter. But, you know, not faux.