Something Fishy

Hey, cool – jellyfish! Someone named “Jimmy Fortenberry” who lives either in Tennessee or Alabama, it’s not quite clear (in the comments he says he lives in “American”), is either sculpting jellyfish out of glass or encasing actual (dead) jellyfish in epoxy (again, we have contradicting info from Jimmy on this point) and turning them into glass lamps and paperweights that either glow from the natural bioluminescence of jelly fish or have been treated with a glow-in-the-dark chemical (here again, Jimmy seems to say it’s neither and both.)

But if you can make your way through the maze of contradictions (and increasingly insistent and suspect comments from backers) and feel like taking a chance, you can get one of Jimmy’s creations, handmade in American, for as little as $20.

Or for the same money you can get a case of 200 of them wholesale from China.

UPDATE: Well not only are Jimmy’s photos strikingly similar to those found at wholesale sites selling very similar items, but someone who actually does make handmade jellyfish glass pendants has discovered that some of Jimmy’s product descriptions are amazingly similar to those on his own website. Amir Shawn of Glass Peace has been confronting Jimmy in the comment section of his project. Hey, Amir, you know he’s got two projects going, right?

UPDATE: Looks like Kickstarter has heard from some of the people Jimmy allegedly borrowed his description from and put up a static page for the project. This isn’t the same thing as suspending it, however. We’ll keep an eye out.